Friday, September 30, 2011

Vinegar, lots of vinegar.

Alright, so I've said how you can use vinegar with baking soda to wash just about anything. But. Vinegar itself is great for so many other things. When I cook bacon, which I hate doing. It gets grease on the floor,no matter how hard I try to keep it from splattering yet still get the crispyness I like.. it splatters, and before you know if my floors are covered in grease! I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. Mopping the floor with Mr. Clean doesn't get that grease off! Sooo I could A get a wash cloth and wash the floor by hand with dish soap or B I could endure the putrid smell of vinegar for a minute while I almost effortlessly mopthe floor with a vinegar and hot water mixture! Work great!

Now here's a little story to illustrate the need or vinegar in your house: when my son was about 3 years old we were going to a birthday party for his best friend. I was unloading my two year old and one year old as my mom helped get my oldest son, Elias, out. We opened the trunk of the car to get diaper bag and presents, after telling elias to back away from the trunk (he was sticking his head in to see something) well my mom didn't realize that elias was still peering into the trunk when sh went to close it. Sure enough the trunk hit him right on the top of his head scaring my mom silly, and blood gushing everywhere. Now, I may loose it and yell or panick about minor thing but when its big things... I'm instantly calm. I grabbed the nearest blanket or towel or shirt, I don't even know, and stuck it on his head as we briskly walked to the party. When we walked in, I honestly didn't know what to do since it cut to his skull. What do you use? What's safe? Come to find out use vinegar! Better than neosporin, and safer when you have big giant open wounds like that. It works as a natural antibacterial. Its what they use in other countries that don't have fancy medicine on hand! Elias was fine, aside from the initial shock and lots of crying, he does have a scar now (two years later) but his hair is so thick I. Can only tell because every so often I go looking for it.
And we used I think it was apple cidar but they said white vinegar is bettter (less sugar, I imagen) so there you have it... let me break it down for you

three things to do with vinegar

1.) Condition your hair, works especially nice on greasy hair
2.) Mop your floors, dilute with water. The smell will go away.
3.) Use in place of things like neosporin, on scrapes even on big open wounds.

Hope that helped... now off to mop my floors ;)

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  1. wow!! that's a new one,didn't know vinegar can be used for cuts..nice to know, I too clean my house with vinegar it's natural and hey! good for our environment..i think i will start using vinegar on my kids cuts...