Saturday, August 13, 2011

10 Really Smart and Useful New Mom Items

I'm going to go for the obvious and basics. Because every new mom asks the question of "what do I need" so here you go.

1) crib: duh, but a bassinette isn't necessary. Just be sure you have the sheets and mattress protector too.
2) Diapers: lots and lots of diapers. For any one attending a babyshower, diapers are the most valuable present simply because you can't go without. You can live without anything else but diapers are a must!
3) Desitine/Butt Paste: that stuff is great and if used consistantly it will keep the rashes away. Vaseline works to prevent diaper rashes but if your baby already has one then the diaper rash cream works to heal it. And buy the good stuff, in this case its worth it!
4) Baby Swing once your baby starts cruzing off the blanket for "tummy time" a swing works perfectly so that you can do dishes/make dinner without your little one finding their way into the cupboards.
5) pacifires: even if you swear not to use one, if you have a colicky baby you will break down, I strongly suggest buying two or three different kinds because no matter what some babies are born with a prefrence. There's nothing you can do about it, believe me, I've tried!
6) Diaper Changing Mat: it doesn't have to be fancy, a simple mat with a waterproof backing works just fine. But you will need one because babies explode the second you take that diaper off! I suggest not getting the padding thing with sides. Its fun to look at but it creates more work.
7) Freezer Dinners: busy exhausted mom, hungry husband.... need I say more?!
8) Thin and Thick Receiving Blankets: depending on what time of year your baby will be born is what kind of blanket you will need, but almost all babies love to be swaddled. It creates a sense of security for their flailing arms and helps them sleep better. Learning to swaddle correctly will help you more than you realize!
9) Bottles: same with the pacifires you don't know what your baby will take to buy two or three so you know. Even if your planning to breastfeed for a year or so, you will still need it if you ever want to go on a date that first year!
10) Onsies/blanket sleepers: babies poop out of their diapers... I don't know how but in the first few weeks my babies all had at least two episodes f pooping OUT of their diaper and completely missing their diaper... their diaper looked like it was on right so I havee NO clue how this happened... lots of onsies and blanket sleepers came in handy!

There are the ever so basic
But if you have the money or know of a way to get one a breast pump (medela Electric) is something you will be eternally grateful for, especially in the first two or three weeks when your breasts are so full.

6 Totally Unnecessary Money Gobblers!

When you first discover that your about to be a mom (or dad) your mind gets kindaa overwhelmed with the amount of "stuff" you will need and you may not even know what that "stuff" is but you know you need it. As a mother of four I've discovered the difference between what's needed what's wanted and what's just plain silly! For any new mom I've compiled a list of the completely unnecessary items that baby and mom magazines love to tell you you "need". (Here's a hint, they are payed to say that!)


1) Diaper Genie!
Even if you got it second hand and the bags came with it, even if its the "new and improved!" One, when it comes time to change out the bag, the smell of sitting diapers (that have been in a warm bacteria breeding environment or several hours maybe even days is going to over power the smell of baby powder and anyother nice scent... your house will smell reallllly bad!
2) Baby Powder
Yes I DID just say that, and here's why: if your baby has a diaper rash the rash is more likely to spread, and the powder can actually suffocate your child when sprinkling it on. It doesn't work, its not worth your money.
3)Wipes Warmer
Just think how mad your little one will be when you are out one day without the warmer and he/she gets these cold wipes on their butt... seriously this is just pathetic.
4)Tearless Baby Wash
Its a nice thought, until you realize what its doing to your babys sensitive eyes. It numbs them! Its not that it isn't harmful, its that your baby can't feel the damage being done. Youu can use regular shampoo with caution or if your baby has sensitive skin soften the water with 2Tbs of baking soda and just use that water. Its safer,won't hurt their eyes and it will get them clean. However for newborns don't use the soda directly on their skin since its a natural exfoliant, make sure its just water that's softened with baking soda. Works great on my kids hair as shampoo as well!
5) baby safe nail clippers
The absolute best way to handle those sharp talons after they are about a month old, is to bite them off yourself. Its safer and you will be able to feel yourself if you might cut too close.
6)baby datergent
If you baby has sensitive skin, skip the fabric softener, that's what leaves the residue on the clothes. Not the detergent. This I know from experience. My kids all had sensitive skin,the fabric softener is the key.

I hope that helps out a bit!