Monday, September 26, 2011

Lovely Lavender Essence

I bought some lavender essence oil for an all purpose cleaner that I sell, it was pretty expensive but I've found it to be pretty useful! I don't usually shower in the morning because if I do I wind up with a big blond fro! My hair gets pretty stripped with the cheap shampoos I use. (Thatts what I've been told anyways) but the other dayit was drizzly out and I had to shower that morning so my hair was especially poofy. I looked around for my sample of hair straightener that I havebut either I've used it all or I lost it, so I took two drops of the lavender essence oil rubbed it in my hands then worked it into my hair from the roots up. Not only did it take the frizz awayinstantly, it made it super soft and it smelled good! So I thought Id share. :)

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