Monday, November 14, 2011

Naturally Soft Lips

I bought coconut oil on my last shopping trip with absolutely no idea of what to do with it. All I knew was that everyone seems to love it and that it has many uses. It was $6 for a 16oz jar. And living in California, I'm sure you can get it cheaper in other states! So I decided to make a lp moisturizer out of it today, after id been dipping my fingers into the jar to use on my face, lips, hands and as massage oil. The stuff liquifies to the touch, but your body absorbs it faster. Something to do with the componants of it being similar to that of our skin... or at least moreso than other things. I reallly like to use it on my skin. But prior to this I wasn't using any kind moisturizer on my face... so that could be why I see a difference. (You know, something is better than nothing) ok, so here's what I used for the lip stuff...

Couple tsp Cocoa powder
Ten drops lemon balm
2 shakes of lavendar essence (about 4 drops)
About 3 TBS coconut oil
1-2 drops vanilla extract
I just mixed it in a bowl then scooped it into some emptied out old lip balm containers. Then I put it in the freezer.
The cocoa doesn't tint your lips, but your lips do have a natural healthy color it seems to bring out. (Probably from healthy moisturized lips)
Because it melts so easily, I wouldn't suggest putting it in you pocket. This stuff is good for putting moisture back into your lips... not giving you a lasting gloss. It seems to not last long but I've noticed that after two uses my lips were really healthy and not needing chapstick or anything else.
I used a little straight coconut oil in my palm for a back massage the other day, and loved the way it rubbed in. And as I mentioned earlier I use it on my face at night after I wash it, and my skin has been soo soft since I started doing that. (But like I said, how much of that is just because my skin was so dehydrated before??) Anyways, hope u can use this :)

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